Glass Nail File, 9cm

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Product information, purpose of use
Micro Cell 2000 Nail Vital Professional – Glass Nail File, 9cm
Glass file that prevents nails from splintering and cracking. It has particularly fine grains and prevents the tips of the nails from splitting. Additionally, it seals the nail edges by filing very fine cracks and grooves.

Instructions for use
It is advisable to give the nails the last finish with this nail file and to first use a coarser general shaping Nail Vital nail file.


Warnings and precautions
Glass, keep in a safe place, do not throw.

Storage conditions
Glass, keep in a safe place, do not throw.

Net quantity

Responsible person
Jugendis Kosmetik GmbH & Co.KG
Distribution: Parico Cosmetics GmbH

Importer: Sommerplaan OÜ, Pärnu mnt 135-20, Tallinna 11314, ESTONIA

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